Application Development & Delivery

TwoFour Consulting provides total application analysis, design, development, testing and deployment services to organizations worldwide. We work closely with our clients to deliver global IT solutions that satisfy business goals and seamlessly interface with existing, often complex infrastructure, systems and data.

Our services range from end-to-end custom application development to the implementation and integration of customized software packages. We work with a wide selection of technologies, and achieve quality results with clearly defined methodologies and a structured approach.

Core System Custom Application Development

Objective: Deliver business-critical functionality where it’s needed, when it’s needed.
Client Profile: For organizations looking to implement new, custom developed functionality into their existing IT environment.
Approach: We provide total lifecycle custom application development for deploying new applications, features and upgrades. Our rigorous phased approach and technology expertise ensures high-quality, rapidly-deployed solutions using state-of-the-art technologies that directly address your requirements.

Our business and functional experts work closely with our clients to analyze business needs, which are translated into specifications and designs. Our software development experts, skilled in a wide selection of technologies, deliver a robust and rigorously tested application. We work together with our clients to transfer knowledge and empower internal resources throughout deployment and beyond.

Application Package Implementation

Objective: Deliver business-critical functionality by maximizing the offering of a packaged application to suit specific organizational requirements.
Client Profile: For organizations seeking a pre-existing software package to delivery functionality into their existing IT environment.
Approach: We offer fully independent package application deployment services, and are experienced in managing evaluation, selection and implementation processes. We help our clients get the most value from a selected package.

Our consultants work in partnership to assess functional requirements and manage initial RFIs in order to shortlist potential vendors. In collaboration with a Client Steering Committee, we conduct a detailed RFP process, rigorously check references and deliver a final cost-benefit analysis and selection recommendations.

Based on the chosen package, we conduct a thorough functional needs gap analysis, perform package customization where necessary, and integrate with existing systems and data.

Data Management and Information Delivery

Objective: Exploit the potential competitive advantage that better management of – and insight into – raw operational data can provide.
Client Profile: For organizations looking to gain more insight into business performance and enhance decision-making by using up-to-the-minute operational data.
Approach: Corporate data typically exists across a network of diverse internal and external systems. Consolidating and transforming raw data into a coherent and manageable overview is necessary to support reporting and operational needs.

Our consultants are skilled at turning raw data into valuable, actionable information. We have experience managing diverse data sources and creating flexible access to base and aggregated information. We can help your organization more effectively administer and deliver information across the entire enterprise.

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Project Recovery and Risk Management

Objective: Ensure project delivery success under even the most difficult circumstances.
Client Profile: For organizations with ‘at-risk’ projects whose successful delivery is under pressure.
Approach: A high percentage of IT-related projects fail to deliver expected results. Slipping timelines, changing functional scope and ongoing operational demands all put project success under pressure.

We can help manage ‘at-risk’ projects and work with you to realign functional requirements with delivery capability. We have experience introducing rigorous Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) controls and processes in order to manage risk and support on-time, on-budget project completion.

Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Planning

Objective: Establish a clear vision for a (global) IT environment that addresses immediate needs and builds a base for future success.
Client Profile: For organizations that are looking to modify or scale their IT environments to cope with ongoing business expansion.
Approach: Our technical consultants are highly skilled in enterprise-wide architecture planning and can help your organization develop a robust, flexible architecture plan to support global business growth in the coming years.

Our infrastructure experts will work with you to identify corresponding hardware and software requirements, and create a comprehensive roadmap and budget plan for acquisition. We work to solve today’s problems, while building a solid base for future success.