Legal Notice, Privacy Statement and Corporate Policies

Legal Notice

All design and contents on this web site are proprietary to TwoFour Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries (TwoFour). All copyright and other intellectual property rights in the design and contents of this web site are reserved to TwoFour and its licensors. You may use it only as TwoFour expressly permits you to.

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Privacy Statement

TwoFour is committed to protecting your privacy. You can visit most pages on our site without giving us any information about yourself. But sometimes we do need information to provide services that you request.

We will ask you when we need information that personally identifies you (personal information) or allows us to contact you. This information is requested when you request additional information about our company, our products or our services. Personal information collected is limited to contact information (name, company, title, e-mail address, phone number).

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To ensure our site is relevant to your needs
  • To deliver information that you request

Security of Data Transfers

Please note that data that is transported over an open network, such as the Internet or e-mail, may be accessible to anybody. TwoFour cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any communication or material transmitted via such open networks. When disclosing any personal information via an open network, you should remain mindful of the fact that it is potentially accessible to others, and consequently, can be collected and used by others without your consent. In particular, while individual data packets are often encrypted, the names of the sender and recipient are not. Even if both the sender and recipient are located in the same country data may also be transmitted via such networks to other countries regularly and without controls, including to countries that do not afford the same level of data protection as your country of domicile.

For certain services, we use strong encryption to transfer your data. In these cases you will be told separately about the treatment of this data and about the details of encryption.

Your data may be lost during transmission or may be accessed by unauthorized parties. We do not accept any liability for direct or indirect losses as regards the security of your data during its transfer via Internet. Please use other means of communication if you think this is necessary or prudent for security reasons.

Environmental Policy

TwoFour encourages its employees to use, consistent with the efficient performance of our services, recycled paper goods, and to implement and adhere to other environmentally beneficial policies and practices.  TwoFour endeavours to use environmentally beneficial practices specific to our industry which meet at least the minimum standard recommended for the industry.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

TwoFour believes diversity of people, skills and abilities is a strength. We also believe everyone should be recruited and promoted on the basis of their personal ability, contribution and potential. We are committed to ensuring that everywhere across our organization we promote, support and maintain a culture of fairness, respect and equal opportunity for all.

TwoFour is committed to:

  • Providing equal opportunities for all
  • Maintaining a supportive work environment free from discrimination, harassment, victimization and bullying
  • Complying with employment laws
  • Hiring the best-qualified people
  • Promoting talent on the basis of merit

TwoFour’s Policy on Human Rights

Wherever TwoFour works we ensure that we do not exploit anyone. We uphold the rights of all those who work for or with us, and of the communities in which we operate. We refuse to do business with any individual, company or organization that violates the standards and principles of basic human rights, or has links with an oppressive regime that give us cause for concern.

Our policy is to respect, protect and promote

  • All the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact initiative.
  • The International Labour Organization’s standards regarding child labor and minimum age.

TwoFour’ s Policy on Bribery and Corruption

TwoFour never offers, gives or receives bribes, or makes or accepts improper payments to obtain new business, retain existing business, or secure any improper advantage. And TwoFour never uses or permits others to do such things for us. This includes any type of facilitation payment, large or small, even where such payments are perceived as a common part of local business practice or acceptable under local law.

The help, advice and local knowledge of agents and other consultants or contractors can sometimes be essential. However, TwoFour requires them to operate at all times in accordance with our standards, particularly in relation to bribery and corruption.

TwoFour’ s Supplier Policy

TwoFour selects suppliers on the following criteria and supports continuous improvement in areas important to TwoFour and its customers.

Our philosophy for working with suppliers is:

  • Safety and sustainability are of paramount importance
  • By sharing information in a constructive and open manner, we aim to motivate suppliers to improve performance
  • We will recognize and reward high performance
  • We think innovation, leaning and teamwork should be positively encouraged
  • There should be continuous measurable improvement in the service provided
  • The partnership should seek to create an environment of trust, integrity and open communication
  • Both parties should always strive to exceed customer expectation.

A good supplier to TwoFour is one that:

  • Provides a safe and competent workforce
  • Incorporates safety and sustainability into solutions and methods of working
  • Delivers to agreed specification, time and cost
  • Reduces cost and eliminate waste through continuous improvement
  • Always displays the right behaviors
  • Collaborates to deliver innovative solutions.