Operations Optimization

Technology has transformed the financial services industry, fundamentally redefining the way organizations do business. Product and service delivery today relies, as never before, on a complex collection of underlying IT support systems.

In most organizations, technology infrastructure has grown organically over time or has been inherited through acquisition. As a result, IT environments generally comprise a disparate set of specialized applications, tools and data sources supporting core business processes.

Reevaluating and re-engineering the operational practices and interfaces relying on these underlying IT systems offers tremendous opportunity for efficiency gains.

TwoFour Consulting can help your organization identify and implement strategies for optimizing business operations. We draw on our deep industry expertise and knowledge of best practices, a keen understanding of enabling technologies and experience implementing global delivery models in order to analyze and streamline the core business processes our clients need to succeed.

Operations Optimization

Objective: Improve overall product and service delivery in a tangible and sustainable way, while reducing associated costs and overhead.
Client Profile: For organizations looking for innovative ways to optimize key processes related to existing or new product and service delivery.
Approach: We offer comprehensive process optimization to streamline internal operations and product/service delivery.

We take an innovative approach to revising and enhancing process steps and strive to eliminate redundant activities in order to measurably improve overall performance.

Our consultants work with proven process enhancement methodologies, including Six Sigma’s DMAIC (Define –Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control) and lean tools and practices, resulting in the most efficient, effective and scalable operations.

We deliver revised processes that are repeatable, reproducible and transferable. Where necessary, we will help to evaluate and implement opportunities for outsourced or offshore operational support.

Process and Technology Scaling and Transfer

Objective: Restructure product and service delivery mechanisms to allow for unrestricted growth.
Client Profile: For organizations needing to scale operations, either internally or through outsourced or offshore providers.
Approach: We provide specialized optimization services for organizations wanting to scale operations in order to support growing transaction volumes, revised product and service portfolios, or activities in new geographies.

We help to re-engineer relevant processes and support systems to handle the additional demands growth confers. Where required, we prepare selected processes and technologies to be managed by outsourced providers. We can leverage our knowledge and experience to help evaluate and select the right partners.